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Player Name: Zs1
Personal LJ: On file
AIM Contact: On file
Character Name: Hiiro Yuy
Source Canon: New Mobile Report Gundam Wing
Community Tag: heero yuy

Notes: I just like the spelling of Hiiro better... crazy Japanese writing and translations. But the com tag will be the popular spelling, of course.

Background: http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/Heero_Yuy

Personality: Hiiro is a good little boy soldier. When given orders or a mission, he accomplishes it exactly as written, staying within all given parameters. He's the perfect soldier; if only the rest of the world were up to par with his obedience. Don't misunderstand, he's not just another drone in the system; the less detail is given, the more he prefers to do it his way; quickly and efficiently. But he's the kind of person to take the mission to heart to. He WILL complete that objective; so long as it's a logical one. Even if his orders are to kill himself, as long as his mission makes sense, he will complete it.

On those rare occasions that he fails, somehow, he takes things fairly hard, and personally. This might come as a surprise to most, who only get to see Hiiro as the stone-cold, line-faced soldier boy he presents himself as 99% of the time. For one of the few, greater, mistakes in his life, Hiiro goes out far and wide to apologize to a man's family. Another pits him at the side of someone whom he comes to, silently, care about the most.

Hiiro is always thinking two steps ahead of things. He never goes into any situation without some kind of plan. When the plan goes awry, especially when it goes awry, he's already thinking ahead to get himself back in a favorable situation, as is the case when (typically) one of the other Wing boys's plans foils his. It's when he's forced into social situations that he tends to... not perform so well in the planning stages; with the exception of getting OUT of them.

Hiiro is easily looked at as being 'perfect' when it comes to combat. But the problem with being a trained soldier from a young age is he utterly fails at emoting and being social. He feels his only role is to fight, and nothing more. Though he can feel things, he finds it needless, especially on the battlefield. Kindness and social skills have their place, and it's not on the battlefield as far as he's concerned. It's off the battle, and afterward, that these things matter, and his place is not off the battlefield.

During those non-combat times, he keeps to himself, quietly. You would literally have to push him into a situation where he'd be interacting with people on a group basis. He prefers ti immerse himself in tactics and planning, and doing his own maintenance on his Gundam. He's not above conversing with others, but usually he's little to say beyond pointing out someone's combative flaws, and telling them how it'll get them killed if they don't improve, or knock it off.

Capabilities and Resources: Thanks to Dr J, and some prior firearms training even before meeting him, Hiiro is ACTUALLY the perfect soldier. With his genes all nice and tweaked out, he has enhanced stamina, strength, reflexes, and intellect. He has tons of training in both armed and hand-to-hand combat (with a particular forte in fencing). He's not indestructible, but he's a hard little bich to kill.

(We know your character has something to do with robots, otherwise you wouldn't be here. But what else does s/he do? Newtype? Geass powers? Own a company? Member of a military in good standing? That all goes here.)

Robot Name: XXXG-01W (Wing Gundam)
Robot Description: Wing Gundam is actually the 2nd generation Gundam from the 'Wing' family. The machine is built of Gundarium Alloy (a variant of the Gundanium alloy used to produce most of the other Gundam-type units. The difference is simply how it's processed and where it's found), which makes it incredibly resistant to explosive and solid rounds, as well as being virtually immune to corrosion. However no kind of armor can truly defend against beam attacks, and though the Gundarium has a bit of resistance to it, it's the number-one way to deal damage.
The Wing Gundam itself is an incredibly fast mobile suit, granted by the thrusters in it's "wings". It proves even faster when transformed into it's "Bird Mode", making it one of very few Gundam-types that actually transform (like the Zeta).
It's armaments include a pair of vulcans in the head and machine cannons in it's shoulders, two beam sabers, the massive shield, and the famed Buster Rifle (which is also mountable on the shield, particularly in it's "Bird Mode"). The Buster Rifle can only be fired 3 times before needing to reload/recharge.
Terrain Stats:
Land: A (B in Bird mode)
Air: B (A in Bird mode)
Sea: B
Space: A

Upgrades: (if any)
Robot Name: XXXG-010 (Wing Gundam Zero) (Katoki's Version)
Robot Description: Wing Gundam Zero was the mobile suit that spawned all the others, though particularly the Wing Gundam. While little actually changes from it's composition, it's thruster and weapon output are intended to be through the roof, overpowering, if you will. It's far faster, and more durable than the Wing Gundam, and it includes the addition of a SECOND Buster Rifle to it's arsenal.
Like the Wing, Wing Zero also possesses a "Bird Mode" (Neo-Bird) which is far faster than it's successor. Again, the Buster Rifle mounts to the shield which is placed at the 'head' of Neo-Bird mode.
All of it's weapons remain from the previous; vulcans in the head, machine cannons in the shoulders, two beam sabers, it's shield, but now it wields the Twin Buster Rifle. The massive beam cannon can be used as a single entity for a more focused, and painfully destructive shot, or split down the center and used as two guns, both with the same output of the previous Buster Rifle. Like it's successor, each rifle can only be fired three times, though the duration of each blast lasts longer. However this gun was designed with recharge cells in mind, which allow for the Buster Rifle to reload on the spot, should the pilot choose to lug around the heavy reload cells.
The Wing Zero's unique feature is the ZERO system connects the user's brain directly with the machine's computer, allowing tons of data gathered by the computer itself, during combat, to be accessed by the pilot. While it gives a sensation similar to 'seeing the future', it takes a serious toll on the pilot if they don't have the mental capacity to handle that much raw data.
Effectively, it eliminates the concept of 'reaction time' since it directly feeds the incoming data, rather than having to rely on visual cues to respond to an incoming attack. It's not a perfect 'future prediction' system, as the user still has to process the information on their own, as well as that as other outcomes of other things coming at them. For the weak willed and inexperienced, it tends to prompt the pilot with illusions, showing them their true enemy, which may, or may not actually be that person, place, or thing.
Hiiro has a tendency to talk to the ZERO system, likely a way of coping with it's data feed, or, he's just a little nuts.
Terrain Stats:
Land: A (B in Bird mode)
Air: A (S in Bird mode)
Sea: B
Space: S

Job: Boy soldier!

Suggested Event List: If at all feasible, I'd like for the canon to be "rushed" so that Endless Waltz can actually occur on/around Christmas, which, will likely give it more missions in a short span of time, probably 1 every 2 months.

01 The Gundam That Fell To Earth
Cast: Hiiro, at least.
Enemies: Leo standard-type, Leo standard-type w/Dobergun (Zechs Marquise)
Plot: The namesake beginning of "Operation Meteor". While the other 4 Gundams drop to Earth disguised as shooting stars, the 5th, Wing Gundam, is spotted en route by an OZ patrol ship with Zechs on board. By some bizarre information leak, Zechs knows what these machines are (Gundams) and deploys to intercept. Rather than properly fight back, Hiiro gets himself shot down to use re-entry as cover to escape.
It works, except for the part where he, and Zech's Leo drop in on a battle already in progress with the White Chalice forces and some other party (Thus, mixed in with another canon's events). Hiiro pitches in what effort he can with his damaged Gundam
Post mission: Though damaged, Hiiro contributes to the battle with his Gundam. Somewhere near the end, he'll mysteriously vanish, being that at least their Gundams don't appear on radar just yet.

For a week or two, Hiiro won't show up on the Chalice. Rather, he'll be in school, dealing with meeting Relena, and a few other early-episode things that he does solo. What brings him back to the Chalice is partially the debt of them saving him, as well as orders to use the ship as a mobile safe-house for easier deployment for future assignments. He's free to do as he likes in the meantime, even "kill you".

02 Scenario for Bloodshed
Cast: All Wing boys
Enemies: F-ton of Leo-standard type, Aries, Tragos
Plot: After pacifist talks at/near New Edwards base, the Wing boys are assigned by *their* higher ups to take out a huge OZ instillation. Though resistance is heavy, their objective is a shuttle with OZ leaders on board.
As Hiiro (or anyone) shoots the shuttle down, a broadcast goes as worldwide as possible. A small international alliance, under the ruling body of OZ, declares war on the colonies, since Gundams from the Colonies (the Wing boys) have just assassinated their lead pacifist.
OZ piles it on, sending more waves of mobile suits at the team. They get a warning/detection that all the large missiles on the base are set to self-destruct, which would wipe out everything within 300km, surely the team and the Chalice included. It falls on Hiiro (And any other high-speed units) to get to that base and take out the missiles.
Clearing the mission means either bailing out safely, or, wiping out the OZ forces.
Log?: The missile deactivation details can be done in a log, or, in a couple of turns if done quickly. It only takes deactivating 1 particular missile to prevent the explosion. And there's no resistance at all here either, just a race against time. Woo!

03 Hiiro, Distracted by Defeat (Just usin the episode name here)
Cast: All Wing boys
Enemies: Aries, Tallgeese (Zechs)
Plot: OZ is transporting their latest model; the Tauros mobile doll. Knowing full well they'll make themselves a target, they plan an ambush in advance, calculating the Wing boys (and the chalice) into the plan. Two routes; by land and by air, are the target of the Gundams.
*Suggestion: This can either run as two missions at the same time, or, focus on one route only, specifically the Air route which Hiiro (and as of the time this is written the only other castmate Trowa) take, where Zechs attacks.
While both routes really are transporting Taurus suits, they're also both equipped to specifically coordinate against the Gundams/Chalice team, meaning they're in for a "big failure". It's piled on when the OZ experimental suit, Tallgeese shows up with Zechs at the controls. Specifically out to duel Hiiro, Zechs is damn sure he'll win. And even when it seems like the team will win, OZ broadcasts they have missile satellites targeting the colonies. They order the surrender and abandonment of the Gundams/all mechs.
This plan is interrupted by a counter-broadcast from Dr. J, who claims to be solely behind the coordinated attacks against OZ, and it's HIS personal battle against OZ. Hiiro get a little... sappy, but Dr. J offers surrender, which is a coded order to Hiiro. He surrenders, but he damn well won't be handing the Gundams over. And Hiiro self-destructs. The Wing Gundam is scrapped but, all that genetic altering to Hiiro's body means he survives, in a temporarily catatonic state. The Wing Gundam is a lost cause, but they recover Hiiro after a regrettable retreat.

In the meantime, Hiiro can use whatever Gundam-series mech we have loafing around.

At some point, Hiiro may leave to go on a personal redemption quest for some of the stupid things he's done (Killing that pacifist guy back on mission 2). OZ has to make a public display of blowing up the remains of the Wing Gundam they confiscated.

03.5 Log/Off-screen Event: To the Battleground; Antartica
Again, Hiiro (maybe Trowa as well) set off for Antartica. Lt. Noin offers them and a Gundam transport to a special location where Zechs is secretly arranging a duel with Hiiro and his Tallgeese. However since the Zero is damaged, Hiiro opts to borrow the Heavyarms for the duel. Their personal fight is interrupted by Relena, who comes bearing news that Hiiro needs to quit being a baby about the pacifists he killed. A ton of exposition goes down that kind of ruins this being a mission; Zechs is Relena's brother, Hiiro gets over himself, Noin scolds Relena for wishing her brother dead. The duel's interrupted by OZ troops outnumbering them, prompting them all to flee. Hiiro and Trowa return with damaged (but functioning) Gundams, and Zechs makes the bro move to let them escape.

**Off in space, the small alliance of colonies that oppose OZ are having their resistance squashed by the new Tauros mobile dolls. OZ proceeds to go make peace with the colonies, which, in turn, declare the Wing Gundams as their enemies. This puts a few colonies opposed to the Chalice as well, as they're now OZ allies.
**During the restructure of the colonies and OZ controlling them, the developers of the Wing Gundams are captured, and while being forced to create a "superior" mobile suit, they also begin developing upgrades for the other Gundams.
**Should the Chalice head up to space, the Wing boys are free to go about and be all sneaky/destructive in order to fast-foward events so that we can have the upgrades by the next mission. Not much of it needs to be ON screen as it's kind of individual and exclusive action per Wing pilot. Duo and Wufei are captured/their Gundams scrapped. Quatre detonates his to go up to space and drift around, then go see his family before hijacking the Wing Gundam. Trowa and Hiiro infiltrate OZ for different reasons, only to end up piloting the Mecurius and Vayeate for the next mission.

04 The Gundam called Zero
**Ideally set in space!
Cast: All Wing boys
Enemies: Vayeate (Trowa), Mercurius (Hiiro), Wing Gundam Zero (Quatre) [Likely an NPC?], Taurus (Mobile Doll), Taurus (piloted)
Plot: To simplify matters and cover several events at once...
Hiiro and Trowa are sent with a squad of Mobile Doll Tauruses to attack the Chalice. In order to continue playing the part, Hiiro and Trowa attack the Chalice team, but, are fighting in such a manner that attacks the Mobile Dolls as well, proving their inferiority to OZ, when compared to a pilot who can think, and be devious.
However, Quatre shows up in the hijacked Wing Zero, and starts attacking EVERYONE, claiming the whole world is screwed up, and he's going to fix it. Also, he's a little insane from all the input that the Zero system is feeding him. Hiiro and Trowa blow their own cover by helping to 'attack' Quatre and calm him down, or at least rattle the cockpit enough that he's rendered unconscious.
**The Mercurius and Vayeate are scrapped during the mission, and left abandoned... because they're scrap.
**To factor in the other boys, Duo and Wufei are rescued by a 3rd party (Sally Po) and get themselves and their upgraded Gundams (including Trowa's) out of there. Elsewhere, elsetime, the Magnac Corps have already stolen the upgraded Sandrock. Everyone can return to the Chalice.

**Zechs, now Millardo Peacecraft, goes to space as a representative of the Sanc Kingdom, even if he's not the total pacifist he's expected to be.
**Treize steps down from OZ as they, and the Rommafeller Foundation, now fully utilizes the new Mobile Doll system to fill out their ranks. A new "Treize Faction" rises to counter OZ and their Mobile Doll forces.
**There's a system in the Wing Zero that's... questionable as fuck. Hiiro takes off to have it figured out, meaning he won't be using the Wing Gundam Zero in combat before he does this. Hiiro likes leaving to do things.
**The Treize faction is safely harboring the developers of the Wing Gundams. Hiiro gets to them, but OZ takes actions that capture the developers, and Hiiro, and the Wing, and start running tests on the Zero system. Shit goes wrong and he bails out, leaving it behind.
**Hiiro uses this chance to go visit Relena in the Sanc kingdom (who's dealing with Dorothy Catalonia's war-monger BS). As far as he's heard, his old Wing Gundam is being stored there.

05 The Glass Kingdom
**We'll have to set a place for the Sanc Kingdom to be. We can either be present as visitors or already in passing.
Cast: All Wing boys (at least Hiiro and Quatre of present)
Enemies: Virgo (Mobile Doll)
Allies: Leo (Treize faction) Tauros (Noin)
Plot: Treize faction pilots are taking refuge in the Sanc Kingdom, but OZ is dead set on attacking them, in a publicly pacifist nation no less, despite Relena trying to diffuse the situation. OZ attacks a nation that can't fight back, meaning the Chalice and Wing boys need to step up to bat.
**Afterward, even though Relena is still preaching peace, someone (Ideally Hiiro) needs to tell her that while hers is a good idea, it's not the time for that. For her, she needs to build up a defense, so that she's around to spread pacifism later on. Hiiro won't stay with Relena; he's a soldier, so he's gonna go roll with the Chalice crew once again, with the Wing in tow.

**Once again, Hiiro goes off on his own, only to have a personal run in with Treize, who guilts, and shoves the Wing Zero back into his hands.

06 Sanc Kingdom's Collapse
**Yes, we're skipping the instance where Hiiro has the Epyon and Zechs has the Wing Zero.
Cast: All Wing boys (at least Hiiro and Quatre of present)
Enemies: Aries (piloted), Virgo (Mobile Doll), Zechs (Epyon)
Allies: Taurus (Noin) Magnac Corps (if Quatre present?)
Plot: The Romafeller Foundation has been amassing forces all outside of the Sanc Kingdom. Finally, they mass an all out attack; and knowing that the Sanc Kingdom has little to no defences of their own, it's the Wing Boys and the Chalice to the rescue. However, despite the... difference in firepower, Romafeller has numbers on their side, and the tactical advantage of having the tiny country surrounded.
Eventually Relena broadcasts and gives herself up to Romafeller, which ends the battle for most everyone. Except Hiiro, and the Wing Gundam, with the Zero System feeding him data, he keeps fighting. And because he's fighting, OZ is still fighting. Zechs drops in, trying to save the Sanc Kingdom, but he's too late. With both Zero systems feeding data to the pilots, the two of them go at a duel until they're both overloaded, causing both Gundams to shut down.

**Off in spaaaaaaace, a Colonial rebel faction rises up, White Fang, and they start overthrowing several OZ installations and bases, even getting one of their influential leaders killed in the process.

06.5 Log/Announcement: The Birth of Queen RelenaThe Romafeller Foundation announces Relena as the Queen of Space... Chief Representative of OZ. She broadcasts all over the Earth Sphere that she's declaring the elimination of all national borders, and declaring it all as one World Nation. Surely THAT won't go over well... Hiiro sure as hell doesn't like it.

**Relena is actually doing a competent job, but meanwhile, White Fang recruits Millardio Peacecraft as their new leader; pitting both Peacecraft siblings against eachother.
**Treize returns to the stage, and takes OZ over once again. Relena is relieved of her duties as Queen. As she heads for space to deal with Millardio, Dorothy stalks her...
**Rather, Dorothy joins up with Zechs after he makes a speech; declaring the colonies officially the enemy of Earth, and announcing war upon it.
**Construction of White Fang's satellite base, Libra, is complete, and their main canon ready to fire and wipe out the Earth itself.

**And of course, Libra fires on Earth, however, not targeting a heavily civilized area. Space/Milliardio challenges you. Come at him, bros.

07 The Final Victor
**This time, definitely set in space!
Cast: All Wing boys
Enemies: Virgo (Mobile Doll), Epyon (Zechs), Space station Libra (Dorothy?/Quanze?), Vayeate (Mobile Doll), Mercurius (Mobile Doll)
Enemies? Tallgeese II (Treize), Leo Space-type (piloted)
Plot: Now that war has been declared on Earth, Treize responds to the call and sends a force out to greet the White Fang. Though it proves to be one hell of a battle, looking at things statistically, the Earth forces are at a disadvantage once Libra has it's main cannon working once again. Both Treize and Millardio move out to meet each other on the battlefield, but sort of never do. The other Wing boys deal with Millardio, while Hiiro is off lurking on Libra with Relena trying to talk sense into them.
While the battle rages on, the Chalice has the option of using their own forces to blow out the main cannon of Libra, or use the supply ship, Peacemillion. However, even taking out their cannon isn't enough as they start moving the space station around to drop it onto Earth.
Treize can optionally die or not, depending on how cannon breaking we want to be. And apps. Wu Fei doesn't necessarily have to be the one to kill him. But when/if he dies Earth/OZ surrenders.
However it is that we choose to destroy Libra, after it keeps trying to descend to Earth, the last little bit has to take that legendary final Buster Rifle shot to blow it away.

**God damnit, just when you think people learn to quit starting things (Cuz, yanno, we just eliminated White Fang, OZ, and the Rommafeller Foundation as enemy forces) there's another uprising in the colonies. The supposed daughter of Treize, Marimaia, declares yet ANOTHER war; citing a withdrawal of the peaceful colonies and nations.

08 Endless Waltz
Enemies: Serpent (piloted)
Plot: Ranks filled by volunteer colonists and former Treize faction soldiers, tons of Serpent mobile suits are dropped onto Earth, and start occupying cities; though most are stationed at a base deep underground where Marimaia is holed up, along with a (yet again) kidnapped Relena. However, in support of this preaching of pacifism and trying to teach people a proper lesson, it's on the Wing boys, and support, to NOT kill the pilots, rather, simply disable the ENTIRE ENEMY ARMY...
Until the cutscene with the bunker busting Wing Zero shooting, but that's all dialog and exposition that should come towards the end of the mission; Relena 'Bright-slapping' Marimaia and teaching her the value of human life, Dekim, the mastermind behind the whole thing being killed, and the Wing boys saving the say, once again!

Sample Post: http://testrun-box.dreamwidth.org/72980.html


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